We customize the plan to your unique business’ needs.
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We act as administrative and investment fiduciaries, reducing your liability.
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We guide you and your employees toward retirement readiness.
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We handle all aspects of your plan so you can focus on running your business.
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About Us

NestEggs is a fully bundled Third Party Administrator, Open Architecture Record Keeper and Independent SEC- Registered Investment Adviser. We specialize in building, operating and advising on customized 401(k), and other Qualified Retirement Plans for businesses. We are thought-leaders on the subject of building custom plans that achieve tax efficiency for business owners and then operating that plan on behalf of the business. As such, we reject the commodity offering and call center approach of the marketplace. We believe in customized plans, technical consultation and concierge-level service. We believe that we should do the heavy lifting and serve as the experts so that our clients can focus on running their businesses. To that end, we provide ERISA §3(38) Fiduciary Investment Management and ERISA §3(16) Fiduciary Administrative Services. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, NestEggs serves clients locally and nationally, with a heavy concentration of plan sponsors up and down the Eastern seaboard. Our goal is to redefine what’s possible and to reshape the experience for qualified plan sponsors.
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Fiduciary Responsibility

Fiduciary Service Philosophy

Too few plan sponsors realize they become fiduciaries when they sponsor a Qualified Retirement Plan. Even fewer know what it means to be a fiduciary or the importance of outsourcing that responsibility. In the modern marketplace, service providers rarely accept the role of fiduciary on behalf of plan sponsors. NestEggs, however, always serves as fiduciary because it supports our commitment to offering the broadest scope of value-added, professional services possible. We explicitly state, in writing, our offering of ERISA §3(38) Fiduciary Investment Management and ERISA §3(16) Fiduciary Administrative Services to each of our clients. Simply put, being a fiduciary means we put your interests ahead of ours. Are you working with fiduciaries?

ERISA §3(16) Fiduciary Administrative Services

We offer ERISA §3(16) Fiduciary Administrative Services performed by experienced & credentialed Plan Consultants to our clients. This will provide you with signature-ready compliance documents that will reduce your administrative burden. In some instances, we can actually sign on your behalf. These highly credentialed consultants serve as your single point of contact day-in and day-out. No more call-centers, no more confusion, way less paperwork. NestEggs will ensure your plan’s compliance with regulatory requirements and will operate the plan on the behalf of you and your employees. This frees you up to focus on what you do best: running your business.

ERISA §3(38) Fiduciary Investment Management

When you sponsor a 401(k) or other Qualified Retirement Plan you become responsible for providing your employees with an investment menu that matches their needs. We recognize that very few of our clients have the investment expertise necessary to shoulder that responsibility. By providing ERISA §3(38) Fiduciary Investment Management and Oversight, we assume the majority of responsibility for your plan’s investment offering and will guide you and your participants toward retirement readiness. Throughout your journey, our advisers are available to you and your employees by phone or office hours M-F, year-round, excluding bank holidays.

Enrollment and Education Technology

The retirement industry spends millions of dollars each year to increase employee knowledge in an effort to drive retirement plan enrollment and engagement. A groundbreaking new study proves that participant confidence, not knowledge, is what enables participants to overcome fear and inertia, to enroll in their retirement program, and to engage in planning their future. NestEggs’ enrollment & education technology –SmartPlan- was scientifically designed to provide a personalized experience, which instills that confidence. It’s time you give your employees the most cutting-edge tools available to build their future.
Source paper: Understanding Psychology to Understand the User Experience of Retirement Enrollment and Participation- Beaussart, Melanie, Social Behavior and Cognition Consortium. Temecula, California


No-Charge Fiduciary Audit

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