Independent. Objective. Transparent.

NestEggs is an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser* (RIA). Our management philosophy is focused on achieving long-term investment goals – we do not react to short-term market volatility, nor do we attempt to “time” the market. Our investment philosophy is primarily informed by the University of Chicago’s Eugene Fama, 2013 Nobel Laureate in the Economic Sciences, and Dimensional Fund Advisers.

Investment Independence

NestEggs does not sell any products, nor receive commissions or compensation from any of the investments we recommend. Our fee-for-service model ensures that the investment selection process is free from the potential conflicts-of-interest that can arise when a broker or salesperson is reliant on incentives (commission, revenue sharing, etc.) offered by mutual fund companies. Since we have no secret compensation arrangements, our advice is conflict-free and objective. NestEggs provides advice on investment options that serve only the interests of plan sponsors and their employees. Our investment selection process is truly INDEPENDENT.

Instead of trying to outguess the market, our portfolios are designed based on decades of empirical research and structured to emphasize the known attributes of higher expected returns. We believe asset classes have relatively predictable risk and return profiles over time, that those risks and returns are related, and that risk-appropriate diversification and regular rebalancing are essential to achieve a successful long-term outcome. These underlying principles of our investment strategy have been reinforced by the market for decades.

We Make it Easy for Your Employees

With very few exceptions, NestEggs uses Passive Mutual Funds as the components of our Managed Portfolios. Each of our three portfolio options – Growth, Balanced, or Conservative – invest in mutual funds that are diversified across seven to nine asset classes, with allocations reflecting different levels of risk to suit varying savings objectives and time horizons to retirement. Approximately 80% of employees participating in plans on NestEggs’ §3(38) Fiduciary platform elect to use one of our three Managed Portfolios. For those who prefer to manage their own investments, we also offer index funds, target date funds and a broad selection of managed funds representative of each asset portfolio class that would traditionally be held in a diversified portfolio.

NestEggs uses state-of-the-art enrollment technology, Smart Plan, that provides on-demand enrollment in addition to our standard on-site enrollment meetings. Employees can enroll, explore educational resources and make deferral changes and portfolio changes from their phone, tablet, or desktop 24/7/365. This technology empowers your employees to feel confident about enrolling in and deferring into your plan. It also helps your employees create their risk profile and then advises them toward one of the three NestEggs Managed Portfolios that best matches their investment preferences. With NestEggs, our goal is to help you and your employees achieve retirement readiness.


*SEC Registered Investment Adviser” does not imply an endorsement by the Securities and Exchange Commission, nor does it indicate the adviser has achieved any specialized skill or training.