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NestEggs provides a very rare bundle in the 401(k) and Qualified Retirement plan industry. More importantly, we provide concierge-level services in a landscape dominated by commodities and call centers. Every business should refuse the generic plan offering of the market. No business should accept the call-center approach to service.  All plans should have professional fiduciaries serving them. It’s just that simple.

Customize Your Plan

Providers in the market will rarely tell you this, but your 401(k) or Qualified Retirement Plan CAN be fully customized and weaponized to achieve a multitude of your business initiatives. You can potentially create six-figure annual pre-tax deferrals for owners, increase or decrease the benefits to your employees annually as profit and demographics shift, offer individual targeted tax-deferred bonuses for key employees, and use eligibility requirements AND vesting schedules to incentivize employee loyalty. The market standard offering is a generic, “check-box” plan that does not emphasize any of the above options. Worse, the market likes to “set and forget” plans. This is not only inefficient, but can be very costly. Your business is a unique and evolving organism. Your 401(k) or Qualified Retirement Plan should meet your business’ unique needs today and should evolve with your business tomorrow.

Delegate your Fiduciary Responsibilities

In the eyes of the law, when you sponsor a retirement plan, you become a fiduciary and therefore bear responsibility for the investments offered in your plan. Most plans are “check-box” plans sold by insurance brokers who are generally not licensed to be an investment fiduciary. In fact, brokers are legally allowed to recommend their own “proprietary” mutual funds to your plan that typically incentivize them through the payment of commissions, whether or not those investments are the appropriate choice for your employees. This leaves the plan sponsor exposed to potential liability for offering ill-suited investments. At NestEggs, we are LICENSED ADVISERS and provide ERISA §3(38) Fiduciary Investment Management and Oversight. This means that WE choose which investments are offered in your plan, NOT YOU. As fiduciaries, we place your interests ahead of ours.

Advise & Educate Your Employees

Just because you sponsor a 401(k) or other Qualified Retirement Plan doesn’t mean employees will automatically participate. Many 401(k) and other Qualified Retirement Plans have underwhelming participation. We often hear from plan sponsors that education and enrollment service typically drops off after the plan is sold. At NestEggs, we over-emphasize education. After we work with management to select which investments are right for your retirement plan, we offer state-of-the-art enrollment, education and dashboard tools to you and your employees. Our licensed investment adviser representatives are available to your employees year-round and on-demand for one-on-one financial advising. Hire licensed professionals to accompany you on your journey toward retirement readiness.

Unburden HR

Operating a 401(k) or other Qualified Retirement Plan can be a major distraction to you and your HR staff. The plans are governed by the IRS and the DOL and expose you to yet another form of fiduciary responsibility, known as administrative fiduciary responsibility. Daily, weekly, monthly, annually - the IRS/DOL requirements, notices, disclosures and compliance obligations can stack up and become major headaches. Their accuracy is mandatory. But how does an HR team know they’re doing things right? This is why we offer ERISA §3(16) Administrative Fiduciary Services. This shifts liability from your plate to ours. Conventional market providers don’t want to assume this liability, leaving plan sponsors exposed. NestEggs, on the other hand, ensures your plan’s compliance with the IRS and DOL freeing up your HR team for business as usual.

Bundle Your Plan

Ordinarily, a plan sponsor buys a plan from an insurance or securities broker. The broker utilizes a plan template provided from a separate third-party administrator. The day-to-day operations are normally the responsibility of the HR director who must collaborate with a large national “Record Keeper”. The sponsor offers mutual fund investment choices to their employees via suggestions by either the broker who sold the plan or a separate investment adviser. All providers are generally separate businesses who each collect fees. Collaboration between providers is rare and fiduciary support even more so. Call centers, confusion and unnecessary work by HR is the end product of this fragmented service model. NestEggs is the bundled solution. We are the investment adviser, record keeper and third-party administrator, which means one company is performing all functions of plan operations while also serving as fiduciary on your behalf. This leads to efficiencies in service, efficiencies in operation, and efficiencies in price. Ultimately, we believe our model gives us the ability to provide a vastly superior service offering at the same price of the off-the-shelf big-box providers. You cut out the need to deal with numerous different providers and rely on one sophisticated company for everything.

One-on-One Support

The most common complaint we hear from business owners is that they don’t know what goes into the compliance and administration of their plan, they never know who to call with questions, they get shuffled through call centers and can never simply cure an issue with one phone call or one email. This doesn’t have to be! As a NestEggs client, you will have one person to go to for ALL facets of your plan. That person is a plan consultant who takes the burden of operating your plan off of your plate. We believe in hand holding. After all, you cannot be both an expert at running your business AND an expert at running your business’ retirement plan. Let us spoil you with a turn-key solution and a dedicated point of contact.
* "SEC Registered Investment Advise" does not imply an endorsement by the Securities and Exchange Commission, nor does it indicate the adviser has achieved any specialized skill or training.